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Create a healing space in your life – come back to yourself!
Treatments in London: Crouch End N8 Haelan Centre, North Finchley N12 Healix Centre

Moonhealing treatments work on a heart level with a pure sense of respect and compassion. You can enjoy a peaceful space where you can be yourself and flow on the energies of love and stillness. Come back to your inner you and know that you don't need a reason to feel good about yourself!

At moonhealing there are different options for you to make the choice
to re-connect and re-charge:

Massage nurtures your physical body and assists your muscles and joints in relaxing. Whilst you have some down-time, you can also connect to a deep inner part of you where you can find peace and serenity.
Choose from Holistic, Aromatherapy, Hot Lava Shells
®, Deep Tissue or
Indian Head Massage.

is a type of hand-on-healing that works with the universal life force (or chi, or prana) that flows through all life-forms. This healing focuses on re-balancing your energy centers, boosting your energy levels and releasing what you no longer need to hold on to.

Soul Contract Readings are based on an ancient numerology system that looks at the energy vibration of the sound of your full birth name. You learn about your likely physical and spiritual challenges, talents plus your soul destiny.

Life Coaching at Moonhealing is a very down to earth process that makes you look at your beliefs and helps you break down your goals and reach your targets step by step. Get inspired!